„Das ist wirklich beängstigend! 😨 Die Richter waren absurd und schockiert nach diesem erschreckenden Vorsprechen dieses Mannes.“ (Video) 😱

Watching Britain’s Got Talent auditions can sometimes be quite challenging due to various terrifying and embarrassing reasons. This one is nerve-wracking, yet intriguing due to the man’s unique skill.

Sword-swallowing was Alex Magala’s talent during his audition. If you’ve ever studied it, you know that the key is to keep a straight line while swallowing the sword, and Alex achieved just that.

However, he then proceeds to perform stunts like pole dancing and bending over, which seem to defy the requirement of keeping a straight line. How on earth is he not getting hurt? Everyone is wondering.

„Will it be dangerous?“ is Simon’s first question to Alex before he begins. „Yes,“ he replies, mentioning that he is essentially risking his life on stage. The thrilling nightmare begins. The entire moment as he climbs the pole is too detailed to describe in words. I hope you enjoy it.

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